How to Love Teamwork

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Team work is mostly viewed as a nuisance because of having to work together with different types of people. Team building is however implemented to improved employee/individual performance by cohesion in order to attain the objectives set. Nowadays many companies are embarking on this technique and so far it has been very effective. There are however obstacles both internally and externally of implementing this practice. Most people are resistant to this because of reasons like.

  • Having anti-social behaviors
  • The negative perception of what teamwork entails.
  • Unwillingness to accept changes
  • Organizational ┬ácultures
  • Lack of good team management among others

Why Should You Love Team Work?

Below is a list of aspects that show why you should love teamwork.

  1. Even work distribution – Individuals working in a team are able to distribute work load evenly such that everyone gets to put on some efforts as opposed to working by yourself alone where you have to do all the work alone.
  2. Work empowerment – Team work highly empowers individuals through motivation from fellow colleagues you are working with. If someone among the team who is well equipped for the task can show the rest. This result in a uniformity of skills and empowerment
  3. Meeting deadlines – This is similar to number one but it emphasizes on fast job completion. The more the people are working on a task the higher the chances of finishing the job within the deadline.
  4. Networking – This is a major advantage of networking in that the team interaction exposes you to a wide range of people from different areas.This, in turn, gives one the platform to network and benefit more from knowing the people.
  5. Innovation and creativity – Individuals working in a team have a high tendency of coming up with ideas and sharing with the team where they evaluate the ideas and implement them. These results in brilliant innovations that will help them undertake their tasks efficiently.
  6. Promotes and strengthens relationships – Teamwork brings people together and hence new relationships are formed both within and outside the team. The social responsibility ensures there are good relationships forms and the existing ones become stronger.
  7. Promotes a sense of belonging – Teamwork enables one to have a belonging group and always encourages one to work hard in order to make their team the best. These competitions are very healthy where in turn result in high productivity and growth of careers.

What To Do for you to Love Teamwork

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  1. Be flexible – Flexibility is a great value that should be practiced in order be happy when doing team work because one is comfortable with any changes or adjustments made with people around you.
  2. Be positive – You should be positive of the little or big tasks done in the team because the result is a great achievement.
  3. Be patient – Teamwork requires patience and understanding that people have different abilities. These means that different people use different procedures in tackling issues at different speeds.
  4. Diversify – These means that as an individual, you should be able to interact with people of different ethnicity, religion, culture, and race.

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