Team Work Best With Multiple Leaders

teamwork works best with multiple leadersTeamwork is the best method of accomplishing a task. Success and failure rate of teamwork is based on various criteria. Through teamwork, we can combine complementary discussions from different directions in order to identify the hidden opportunities and overcome challenges and obstacles. This will transform an initial state of a normal working group into an extraordinary team of a successful outcome.

Ideal Team

The strength of a team lies in its individual members. Every individual has different perspective and ideas regarding a subject when collaborated produce diverse ideas. Diversity in ideas from personalities of different fields with effective communication amongst themselves results in a ravishing team spirit which in turn boosts up the outcome of the task. Commitment, interdependence, interpersonal skills, positive feedback and appropriate composition are the attributes for building up an ideal team.

Ideal Team Leader

After the formation of a potential team, for its smooth functioning, an election of the leader is the upcoming important task. A team leader will impact the overall excellence of the group. This person is the one who creates team spirit and leads the team to go on. A leader has certain roles like building morale within the group, assigning tasks, keeping track of every member, encouraging them and being a part of them, while staying one step ahead.  Therefore, among plenty of individuals, a leader should be elected, on the basis of previous leadership experiences, dedication, humble attitude, ability to handle heavy stressful work etc.

Disadvantage of Single Leadership

Being a leader, is a stressful responsibility, especially if the team members are plenty in numbers and the workload is high. Therefore, it will be impossible for a single individual to manage the whole team even though it was successful at the beginning. Additionally, an individual leader will have a toll on the whole team, could lose trust and reduce productivity. Here comes the idea of multiple leadership? Multiple leadership provides more knowledge on the superior level of a team. If one member is incapable of carrying out a situation due to various causes, others can manage the situation without any loss to the team in whole.

this is an image of the advantages of multiple leaders in a teamwork

Benefits of Multiple Leadership

Any member of a team, with considerable talent, knowledge, and capacity can be in a leadership position. Moreover, there is a chance that more than one member of a team may have the potential to be a good leader. However, by selecting a single leader, the team is missing the chance of a potential candidate. Every individual has different styles, this various implementation styles among the leadership can be a reason for the best result. Hence, multiple leadership will benefit a team at various levels, especially in business, from initiating a work up to its completion.

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The positive influences being flexibility, shared responsibility, high standards, more clarity, less stress and team commitment. For the better understanding of these factors, periodical tests which include various indicators like work satisfaction, sustainability, profit, work charts etc. can be used to analyze the effect of multiple leadership over the rest.

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